Why should your company use a Content Management System?

We believe in empowering our clients – giving them to the power to manage and update their sites at anytime and with the ease of a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor – much like Microsoft Word or other tools you use every day. This means not having to call your web design company every time you want to make a change to your business website.

In addition, content management systems have some serious advantages over traditional websites, especially in the business world. Service Internet Solutions deploys WordPress and Joomla as our content management systems of choice. Both WordPress and Joomla are open source projects supported by developer communities numbering in the hundreds. This means that if there is added functionality you would like for your site it is quite possible that it has been developed as a plugin or component which are available as a low or no cost. This allows a company or organization to allocate their budget to get the best return and the most out of their site.

If a plugin or component is not available we can develop it for you. This can include custom product selector guides, customer service applications and even applications that integrate with other online systems or a companies offline systems.

With CMS websites, now smaller companies and organizations can have the same technology as a larger enterprises. This allows them to log into their website anywhere there is an internet connection and make edits, keeping content fresh and integrating with social media.

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