Considering Joomla as the platform for your website? Service Internet Solutions has the experience to plan and develop your site on the Joomla platform.

Why Joomla?

  • Joomla was created as an enterprise-grade CMS system right from the start
  • Open-source with robust and active developer community
  • Need multi-lingual capability – Joomla has it built in.
  • Need access control list (ACL’s) support – Joomla has it built in.
  • Have a large, complex site – Joomla is your choice

Our team of experienced developers has worked with Joomla since version 1.0 – we can implement and customize existing open source or commercial  components, modules and plugins. If need be, we can design and develop custom components, modules or plugins  to extend functionality and/or to tie into other existing business systems either online or offline.

With over 17 years in web development and hundreds of projects delivered you can trust Service Internet Solutions to develop and implement your WordPress based site.

Contact Matt Service today at 860.490.3488 or email to learn how we can help in Bringing Your Business to the WorldSM.