So, you have developed a subject or product line for your website. You have gathered your keywords and are ready to put together a website to rival all of your competitors in traffic. Whatever other search engine optimization techniques that you put into place for your website, you will not hold the attention of your visitors or make any money without effective copy.

Many beginning web site owners have a tendency to focus on keyword density to the exclusion of good writing. This is a huge mistake that should be avoided. While keyword density is an important part of search engine optimization, having well written and interesting content on your website is possibly more so.

Targeted keyword phrases do help with search engine rankings and search engine optimization in general, but should be limited to about three percent key word density. Writing effective copy includes surrounding these targeted keyword phrases with interesting, informative, and well written copy. This will not only gear traffic to your website, but keep visitors around long enough to get them to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Writing effective sales copy is a little bit different than writing just informative or interesting web copy. Whether your approach is pushy or you are going for a soft sell, you will need to follow some basic guidelines to produce effective copy writing. You will need to outline exactly what your product or service is, as well as its value to the customer and the benefits that it can provide. All of this should be accomplished keeping to the three percent key word density as well as making it an interesting read.

Perhaps the most important and least remembered part of writing effective sales copy is the call for action. Whether you want someone to sign up for a newsletter, request information, submit a request for proposal, click on a link, or purchase your product or service, effective copy writing asks for the action to be performed. This should be the last section in your sales copy.

Regardless of whether you are writing sales copy or informative web copy you need to keep a few other important points in mind. First, you should remember that plagiarism is not only illegal but can be actionable through law suit. If you plagiarize someone using their copy on your website, even in sections, your venture could be ended before it has even begun. If you hire someone else to write your copy, you can make sure that they have note plagiarized by using services such as Copy Scape.

If you do not feel comfortable writing your own effective copy, you may wish to hire someone else to do this for you. There are many copy writers and copy writing services available on the internet, found through a simple internet search. If you cannot afford these services, you may try freelance writing or bid for work websites. Either way, you should be careful that you choose a writer based on samples of effective copy writing.

When you hire someone to write your copy, you will need to provide them with a minimum and maximum word count, the key word density that you prefer (one to three percent is the norm), and the targeted keyword phrases that should be included. You should also provide the writer with the rate you are willing to pay per article, as well as the deadline. In return you should receive web or sales copy that includes search engine optimization techniques, well written and informative writing, and a call for action if required.