Why search engine optimization is right for manufacturers!

With increasing global competition, manufacturers struggle with with tight margins and to mainitain market share. Traditional sources that manufacturers have turned to in the past to market their products, like Thomas Register and MacRae’s Blue Book have transitioned to the internet. Potential customers are using Google and other search engines to source components and raw materials. Manufacturers are learning that search engine optimization is an important strategy and needs to be part of their marketing mix.

Service Internet Solutions specializes in providing search engine optimization for manufacturers. This article will discuss key parts of seo (search engine optimization) for manufacturers.

Most manufacturers have sites that contain enough content and information so that they can be optimized. The issue is that, as the sites and content were being developed, search engine optimization was not taken into consideration. Many manufacturers sites use generic or general terms like “adhesives”, “chemicals” and “labels” in their copy or, if they even have them, in their meta tags. This is a clear indication that manufacturers have not taken the time to do basic seo and keyword research. In addition, page title tags often contain just a company name. By applying some basic search engine optimization techniques and incorporating terms discovered during some keyword research most manufacturers have an excellent chance of improving their search engine position.

To recap, proper search engine optimization for manufacturers should include:

  • Keyword research using tools like WordTracker and Keyword Discovery
  • Well written title and meta description tags
  • Updated and expanded effective copy based upon keyword research Developing quality inbound links

Using the above techniques, and targeting their key niche markets, manufacturers can use search engine optimization to maximize their search engine position and keep a steady stream of qualified inquiries coming in. For most manufacturers, landing a single client may mean tens of thousands of dollars in profits, this means that the dollars spent on search engine optimization and search marketing can provide a very positive return.

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