This is our special Proactive Malware Monitoring and Removal & Web Application Firewall.

This service includes:

Proactive Malware Monitoring and Removal:

With this service we proactively monitor you site every 6 hours looking for malware, blacklisting and other site changes and signs you may be a target of hackers.

We receive automated notification and then take proactive action to investigate and remove any malware and blacklistings.

Web Application Firewall:

With this service we add a “web application proxy” server in front of your site and provide:

URL Filtering

The URL filtering function is similar in the way it works to a firewall, but is unique in it’s approach to it’s preventive layer. It uses a combination of whitelist and blacklist approaches, and introduces a concept of application profiling. As to be expected, the preventive layer protects against:

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Remote File Inclusions (RFI)
Local File Inclusions (LFI)
Malformed post requests
Malformed cookie requests
Malformed headers
Malicious or Improperly used bots
And other similar attacks…

By combining both services and you get a discounted rate of $299.95/yr – a 12% discount compared to when bought individually.