Many manufacturers do not think about SEO for their websites. Often these websites consist of a home page, a contact page, an about page, and possibly some product pages. In other words, manufacturing company websites are among the most basic of all websites found on the internet today.

But without search engine optimization, how does anyone find these websites? The answer is sponsored or pay per click advertising. Rather than work SEO into their websites, manufacturers tend to simply buy their clicks through the use of sponsored ads that appear at the top of any search engine page. However, this advertising can be extremely expensive, and it is often an unnecessary expense.

There are many ways that you can incorporate search engine optimization techniques into your mfg website. The most common method is to lengthen product descriptions from a short sentence to a paragraph, incorporating one or two strategically placed keywords or phrases. However, there are better ways to dominate niche markets while also providing valuable services to your customers.

After all, getting people to your website is only half the battle. You also need to keep them there, and convince them to buy your products. This can be especially difficult when you market business to business products. There are some great ways to boost SEO while offering valuable information to your potential customers and accomplish that sales conversion.

Among the best of these ideas are blogs with news about the company or upcoming products. This allows you to basically create a showcase for the best points about your company, in which you can include key words and phrases for search engine optimization. If your mfg company sells b-to-b you could include informative articles about how your type of products can help their businesses. Again, this is a great place to include key words and
phrases for the search engines.

If you produce products within a niche market in which there are many aspects that are not covered by your company you can also provide your site visitors with informative articles that will help them see your products within the larger picture. This not only boosts your SEO and traffic, but also allows you to build an additional income resource.

In fact, depending on your niche market, you can create an additional income resource on your mfg website. Using SEO articles, you can easily use Google AdWords to make some extra money from the same high priced key words that you have been paying for up till now. AdWords and programs like it allow you to block your competitors, so you will only be offering ads on your website for other products and services that your visitors will likely be interested in that are not sold on your own website.

In the end, there is really no need to spend so much money on pay per click and sponsored advertising. With proper use of search engine optimization techniques and the addition of informative articles and blogs on your website, you can boost your traffic inexpensively and raise your sales conversion rates. SEO for manufacturers makes more sense than handing thousands to Yahoo and Google for sponsored advertising.