Service Internet Solutions is a CT web site development company that works with small and mid-market manufacturers, service companies and non-profit organizations who need a new website, or a re-design of an existing site. Our team will work with you to develop your Web needs that will elevate your business on the Web.

Our website design & development process consists of, but isn’t limited, to the following steps:

Define Your Goals
How will your website be used? Will it be used to enhance your identity, sell products/services or improve customer relationships? Once we identify how your website will be used, we can plan an effective design.

Evaluate Online Competition
Through competitive analysis, we determine your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competition. By assessing your competitors, we can effectively identify any threats to your online business as well as opportunities you might have overlooked.

Target Audience
By defining online goals and performing the requisite competitive analysis, we can effectively develop “targeted visuals”. This ensures that your website uses color schemes, fonts and graphics that appeal to your target audience.

Promote Website
Once your website is developed, we can promote it using search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing (opt-in e-mail) and strategic link development. This three-pronged approach is the most cost-effective means of increasing visitors to your website.

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