Why is website development for manufacturers different?

Manufacturers are different than a restaurant, a dry cleaners or a hairdresser. They face unique challenges and need to have tools that help Attract, Engage and Retain customers.

Manufacturers need a solid search engine optimization program designed with their audience and customers in mind.

They need to have tools for before the sale that help them engage visitors and potential customers, things like:

  • Selector Guides
  • Configuration Tools
  • Application Case Histories
  • Sales Representative Locators
  • Trade Show Schedules
  • And More

To retain customers after the sale they need to deliver value and information through a website that can integrate with and pull data from offline systems. Information like:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory Reports
  • Material Testing Reports
  • Order Status
  • And More

Manufacturers need to provide up to date and accurate information to their internal and third party sales representatives and provide a way to gather information for internal managements reports. Custom, password protected, portals allow manufacturers to disseminate and collect information.

These are among the reasons that website development for manufacturers is different – Service Internet Solutions has been developing website for manufacturers since 1996, we work with manufacturers on a daily basis and also know the about programs like NETAAC and MATAAC and we belong to local and national manufacturing related trade organizations.

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