Many website owners do not realize the importance of metatags, the title tag in particular. These metatags are the first thing that the search engine web crawlers use to rate your website, and the title tag is the first of these metatags. The title tag also dictates the first thing that internet surfers see when searching for your website.

What is a title tag? The title tag is located within the first part of your website code, called the head. In fact, the title tag is the first tag within that section of your website.

What does the title tag do? Whenever you do a search for something in a search engine, you come up with a list of websites. These website listings usually have three parts. They start with some type of description or title underlined in blue, followed by a short description, and ended with the website’s URL or web address. The text underlined in blue that forms the actual link is the result of the title tag of the website. The title tag also dictates what appears in that blue header of the browser window when your website is opened.

With an understanding of what this tag is and what it does, it should be easy to see the importance of writing effective title tags. Many companies use their company name for the title of their website, which looks good in that blue header but does very little for your search engine optimization. Unless your brand or company is well known and will be searched for of itself, this is not likely to get you a very high ranking.

Other companies include their product as well as their name in the title tags. However, this is also an iffy venture. If your product cannot be shipped to other locations easily, if your business is only authorized to deal locally, or if you sell a common product shared by many brands and companies, this will not help you very much. Alternatively, there are many ways that you can write effective title tags while including both your product and your company

Writing effective title tags is about writing a short description of a few words that are likely to be searched for. It is generally recommended that your titles do not exceed seventy to eighty characters, although this is not a strict rule of thumb. The best way to boost search engine optimization through titles is to include a combination of all of the items that most companies use individually.

For example, if you sell electrical equipment you should include that important keyword phrase in your title. But there are a lot of manufacturers and dealers of electrical equipment, so more specialization is needed. You can include your company name, of course, but unless you are popular this will not be of great help to your traffic building. Adding your location, however, can greatly increase your traffic and boost your rating when people are searching for electrical equipment in your area.