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How to Take Advantage of YouTube without Creating Your Own Videos


Many people know that YouTube can be beneficial for their business, but often fear the time it takes to create something that will resonate with their audience.

There are many ways that you can utilize YouTube for your business, and they don’t always have to involve you or your employees creating a brand new video.

In fact, one of the most effective ways to use YouTube is to curate content instead.

What is curated content?

The concept of curating content, thanks to the internet, is used in most marketing communications. You’ll find curated content everywhere from social media, blogs, email newsletters, and websites.

Curating content allows you to hand-select multi-media content — articles, photos, videos — you enjoy and share it with your audience.

In addition to sharing relevant videos on social media or in your email newsletter, one of the

Building Your Email List – More helpful tools…

Do you use Constant Contact? Are you using all the tools available to build your email list.

There are 2 great tools that are not used by most people:

txt to join and scan to join – what are these….

With txt to join you just give people a “keyword” and the number to txt to and they can sign up for your list.

Try it now – txt “sisintl” to 22828 to see how it works.

With scan to join people just scan a QR code with their phone – try it now by scanning the QR code below.






Not sure how to setup these features in your Constant Contact account – contact Matt Service today at 860-292-1557 x202 or email to learn how we can help in Bringing Your Business to the WorldSM