February 1, 2015

Since 1996 Service Internet Solutions has provided website development, hosting and other services to businesses throughout Connecticut, the United States and worldwide. During this time we have been honored to work with over 1000 small and midsize businesses, organizations and non-profits.

The time has come for me to move on to the next chapter in my life. I are pleased to announce that, effective 02/01/2015 Service Internet Solutions has entered into an agreement with Triple Helix Corporation whereby they will take over delivery of the services that we have been delivering. This includes website hosting, email hosting, website development, ongoing site maintenance and search engine optimization monitoring and updates.

I have known Jason Bittner, the owner of Triple Helix Corporation for almost ten (10) years and have mentored him as he has grown his business. I have 100% confidence that he and his company will take very good care of you.

After the transition date, and for a period of time moving forward, I will be available to insure a smooth transition.

So what does this really mean to you?

  • People – the people at Service Internet Solutions who have grown to know you and your business will be available to work with your going forward
  • Services – what Service Internet Solutions has provided Triple Helix Corporation will provide. Triple Helix Corporation has relationships with Rackspace, SoftLayer, Amazon and all the major players in the industry.
  • Billing – effective 02/01/15 billing will originate from Triple Helix Corporation – any monthly recurring services will continue to be billed at the same cost.

Any outstanding invoices from Service Internet Solutions should be paid to Service Internet Solutions and payment mailed to:

Service Internet Solutions
PO Box 395
Suffield, CT 06078

What is the upside?

  • Triple Helix Corporation has resources and expertise beyond what we have. Their knowledge regarding how to analyze data, streamline processes and improve business functions means they can help your business be more profitable and grow.

For any questions you can reach either myself or Jason Bittner, CEO of Triple Helix Corporation using the information below:

Matt Service

Jason Bittner
860-490-3488 x8140

For customer service related concerns please contact:
William Bussey
860-490-3488 x8142
It has been my honor serving you over the last 18+ years and I wish you well.


Matt Service

Triple Helix Corporation